ProtectIT combines the benefits of Equipment Protection and Wire Maintenance or Telepole Protection to safeguard you against expensive replacement costs and service call fees.

If you are not interested in bundling these services, see individual pricing below.


Save when you combine Modem Protection
and Wire Maintenance or Telepole Protection.

Modem Protection – $3.99/mo

Modem Protection Benefits & Terms

FREE Service Call – Weekdays 8-5, all service types.

Reduced After Hours & Saturday Service Calls, all service types.

DSL Service

  • FREE Modem Replacement
  • Replace standard 3 ft line cord

FIBER Service

  • FREE ONT, Optical Network Terminal, Replacement 
  • FREE Router Replacement
  • FREE Power Supply 


  • FREE Radio Replacement
  • FREE Router Replacement 

If Peoples deems excessive, preventable damage or abuse of maintenance plans occurs, customers may be removed from maintenance plans for a minimum of 6 months.

Wire Maintenance (DSL/Fiber Customers)$4.99/mo

Wire Maintenance Terms


  • *Housewire must be standard, Cat 3 or higher wiring.

Without Wire Maintenance service call charges are $75/hr and $25 each add’l 15 minutes with 1 hr min.

Telepole Protection (Ignyte Customers)$4.99/mo

Telepole Protection


  • Repair or replace telepole.

Limit one free per year, $50 for each add’l replacement.

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