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Sign up today for $0 Setup Fee and NO contract. All speeds are 'up-to' and subject to variables outside of Peoples control.


Wireless Connectivity $3.99/month

Wireless Connectivity includes an upgrade to a wireless router and wireless tech support.

ProtectIT $3.99/month

Safeguard against expensive equipment replacement costs and service call fees. ProtectIT keeps you connected with peace of mind.


  • Reduced Ignyte Equipment Replacement*
  • FREE Service Call

Terms and conditions

  • *Ignyte equipment replaced at the reduced rate of $150. (Full retail price $500.)
  • Equipment must have been provided/sold by Peoples.
  • Does not cover damage due to negligence or abuse.
  • Service interruption caused by moving connection, adding equipment to network or by other customer actions will be subject to customary service call fees at the rate of $75.
  • Must have ProtectIT for minimum of 30 days prior to a claim. Any claims within the first 30 days of enrollment will be subject to customary service call charges. However, customer will be eligible for reduced cost equipment replacement.
Static IP $10.00/month

Permanent IP address for your computer. *Setup fee of $25. Available in certain areas.

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