Premium Fiber Connections

Enhanced connections that keep you working, not waiting.

High Performance Bandwidth

Symmetrical speeds, up to 1 Gbps, and scalable to meet the growing demands of your business. Ideal for:

  • Running servers for websites, email, databases, or applications
  • Transferring large data, image or video files
  • Using bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Supporting remote workers or VPNs

Point-to-Point Connections

Providing a permanent link between two business locations offering unimpeded communications between locations. As your business grows and locations are added, extend your point-to-point connection into a point to multi-point link.

Mobile Backhaul

Wireless carriers get an enhanced fiber optic network solution with minimal latency and low packet loss to accommodate the strict performance requirements of wireless providers.

Reliability and Support

99.995% guaranteed uptime. 24/7/365 support. Guaranteed four-hour response time. And did we mention that it is extremely fast?

Voice Solutions

Turning your telephone into a business tool.

Hosted Business Solutions

A Hosted Solution eliminates the need for the large capital investment required for traditional PBX systems. It is a scalable, cost effective solution for your Voice Connections. With various seat prices and feature combinations, you customize your voice network to fit your needs.

SIP Solutions

SIP Solutions offer quality, cost effective broadband voice connections. SIP replaces physical voice lines by consolidating voice and data to a single network. SIP also reduces costs and billing complexities associated with separate voice lines and multiple providers.

PBX Solutions.

Peoples also offers a digital solution for the traditional PBX system.

Managed Services

Helping you meet your business goals.

Peoples recognizes that technology drives today’s business regardless of company size and scope. Our goal is to drive your business towards success.

While technology is a revolving door of updates and changes, Peoples can be your constant IT support. We will provide best practice solutions and implementation for the purpose of enhancing operational effectiveness.

Services Include

  • Network Design, Implementation and Support
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Network Security
  • 24/7 Support

Interested in any of these services? Let us know!

Our Story

Peoples Network for East Texas Is a backbone network providing affordable high-speed internet for thousands of East Texans. Our “middle-mile” project provides internet connectivity to medical and educational facilities in 13 counties.

Peoples Network will incorporate public-private partnerships with local government, non-profit and for profit entities, and other key community stakeholders.

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