NterAct Fax – A Hosted Fax Solution

What is a ‘Hosted Fax’?

Hosted Fax is simply a fax that uses your internet connection instead of physical phone lines to send documents.

Why would I want it?

Faxes are sent to an email inbox as a pdf document. You no longer need a fax machine. Sensitive information is more secure in your Inbox and not laying on a community fax machine.

How do I sign up?

Contact us today to add the service to your Internet account.


$9.95 Residential

$14.95 Business

*Per fax number.

$14.95 Residential

$19.95 Business

*Per fax number.

There is a $25 activation fee for each line activated. Use your current fax number* or be assigned a new number.

*Certain restrictions apply to porting existing numbers. Our porting department will verify prior to establishing service.
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