Available Networks

Your router broadcasts two networks, 2.4GHz and 5 GHz. These networks operate on different wireless frequencies and offer different ranges and potential bandwidth speeds. To determine which network you should connect to, please refer to the information below.  If your device is 5GHz capable, with strong wifi signal, the 5GHz network is optimal.


  • Potential speed*: 40 Mbps
  • Farther Wifi Range
  • All Wifi enabled devices can connect to this network
  • Typically slower network and can cause buffering when saturated


5 GHz

  • Potential Speed*: 1 Gig (802.11ac); 400 Mbps (802.11n)
  • Shorter Wifi Range
  • Connection to the network may be limited to newer devices
  • Supports faster speeds and reduces buffering due to faster network traffic flow

*Potential speed is dependent upon the speed supported by the device and the subscribed internet speed. 

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