Join us February 8th at 2:00 pm for the Annual Meeting of the members of Peoples Telephone Cooperative. The meeting will be hosted at Carroll Green Civic Center, Quitman, TX. There will be a door prize for each member in attendance as well as additional drawings for cash and prizes.

During the meeting members will vote on vacancies of the Peoples Telephone Board of Directors. The nominating committee met and nominated the following individuals to fill these vacancies:

Doug Cameron – District 8
Mark Johnson – District 3

The agenda for the meeting will be:

1. Call Meeting to order.
2. Invocation.
3. Statement by President.
4. Reading of the notice of meeting and proof of mailing thereof.
5. Reading unapproved minutes.
6. Report by Manager.
7. Report of Nominating Committee.
8. Election of Directors.
9. Drawing for prizes.
10. Adjournment.

Membership is defined by subscribing to landline service with Peoples Telephone.

We look forward to seeing you there!